Welcome to the Solactive Future Trends 2022. This year the report covers 35 individual investment themes from the areas of Future Technologies, Environmental Change, and the Future of Health and Living. Dive into the report and join us on a journey through a diverse set of exciting future growth themes.



In this chapter we look at disruptive future technologies that  will substantially change  their respective industries or form entirely new ones. 

We explore the evolution of the automotive ecosystem on the back of the emergence and breakthrough of the electric vehicle .  We take a deeper look at the field of  data intelligence   covering themes like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and growth in computing power.  Finally we explore emerging megatrends like Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.



Climate change has been  widely acknowledged as one of the biggest challenges for the coming decades. In this chapter of the report, we explore  investment themes that pledge to help our fight against global warming and the search for alternative energy sources. 

We approach this from the angles of clean energy generation  with multiple alternative energy topics as well as from the concept of resource efficiency and the field of making better and more efficient use of energy and raw materials alike. 



In the final chapter we examine technologies and trends that impact the way we live our daily lives and our healthcare.

We dive into the impact of digital  transformation  and explore  the next generation of the future home. We also highlight how agricultural technology and food innovation  may help to solve nutrition problems for the world population and  we take a closer look at changes to  our well-being through smart healthcare and future wellness technologies.


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