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Welcome to Solactive Future Trends 2023, where we provide insights into the most promising investment themes of the future.  With a keen eye towards the future, we've identified the most exciting and impactful trends that are set to shape the world for years to come. Join us on this journey  as we delve into the exciting growth themes that await.  

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CLIMATE CHANGE - A problem of planetary proportions

If  we are to avoid potentially catastrophic environmental consequences, we have little choice but to reach Net Zero and put more effort into decarbonizing technologies. Accordingly, we’ve split the climate change category into two chapters found in the Future Trends report:

Future of Energy and Decarbonization – each addressing the intricacies of the monumental challenge ahead.


GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMICS - A demographics challenge to brace for

Meanwhile, the demographics of the planet are changing: the developed world’s population is shrinking, while the overall global population is rising. There will be 10 billion people on the planet by 2050, leading to concerns about Feeding the World and the future of  Healthcare two more chapters you will find in our report. The reshuffling of the world’s workforce, alongside other global geopolitical factors, will also raise questions about deglobalization, automation, or a new arms race – all of which are addressed in the Future Manufacturing chapter.

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HUMAN EXPANSIONISM - Our insatiable inner drive

Finally, we take a look at the innate drivers of human expansionism that have made us the dominant species on the planet. There’s no point in denying our inherent thirst to innovate, go farther, push harder, and ultimately enhance our powers. In this light, we explore disruptive technologies that are about to transform our lives: Artificial Intelligence, the Space Economy, and Digital Me – three chapters that might redraw your delineation between science-fiction and mundane fact.

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