Sector Pathways. A better PAB?

Sector pathways offer valuable forward-looking decarbonization data for different sectors, linking their projected emissions to the world’s remaining carbon budget to achieve Net-Zero by 2050. Below you can download our research report showcasing their use-case through the Solactive GPR Real Estate Net Zero Index, which efficiently aligns Real Estate portfolios with global climate goals.

How can sector pathways data be used in a portfolio construction context?

Watch the webinar with Solactive ESG expert Florian Müller  to learn more about sector pathways data and how it can be used to build  impact oriented portfolios in a forward looking way in an alternative approach to the traditional PAB methodology set. 

Want even more information? Enter your details in the form below to download our research report on the topic, showcasing the use of sector pathways data in the real estate sector using the  Solactive GPR Real Estate Net Zero Index as case study.  


Sector Pathways Solactive

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